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Steam + Proton not lauching

Hi! I am on an HP 1040 Folio G2 and am trying to play WOT blitz on the flatpack version of steam. I have both checked that Vulkan and OpenGL drivers are working (mesa-intel/Vulkan-intel) but on launch, I always get a mess of output that honestly I can't decipher after which the game stops loading. Here is the output:

What I've tried:
- changing proton version below <5
- setting startup options to: ```PROTON_USE_WINED3D=1 %command%```
- running flatpack with ```LD_PRELOAD``` set to none


This is more off-topic but: I am trying to get into more complicated topics like for example learning OpenGL, doing LFS*, etc - but I don't get how somebody could for example confidently make a port on a program on wine. The output is always messy the problems so obscure - I would love if somebody here shared their story from getting from a Linux-intermediat-ish to more of a developer.

CPU: Intel i7-5600U
GPU: Intel HD Graphics 5500

*last time I didn't correctly install some GCC headers and then in the process of trying to get GCC to ignore the new failed GCC install and to use the old cross-compile tools I installed GCC on my host computer thereby breaking G++ somehow. If that's even possible.


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Re: Steam + Proton not lauching

Your processor appears to be 5th gen broadwell, which could be to old to support vulkan.

install vulkan-tools , then run vulkaninfo --summary and post the output .

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