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Neo Git's introduction...

Hello, guys I've created a new program, I hope you like this one

Neo Git is a CLI program that works with Git, what the program do is very simple: It create a template repository of a determined programing language and initializes Git on it.
Perfect for people who uses Vim or VS Code and don't want to create a repository by self.

For example, you can create a repository in C++ and start the Git using a simple command.

And there's more! You also can create your own templates to use later. Anyways the program have some language templates by default (Including: C, C++, Web development and Python).

If you want to know more about it check the repository in Github:

You will not change your mind

P. S. I thinking about change the program name to other, but I will keep it for while. And the software uses Shell Script.

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Re: Neo Git's introduction...

Moving to Community Contributions

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