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Is this new Upwork Aur package safe ?

This Aur package of Upwork is very new, and it has multiple links inside that aren't imediatly obvious that are related to Upwork, so i am not sure if i should install it or wait for it to get some votes


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Re: Is this new Upwork Aur package safe ?

Moving to AUR Issues

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Re: Is this new Upwork Aur package safe ?

I only see one link and it's the same link you get after doing a selection for which target linux binary you want from the homepage (go to the homepage, select the deb archive option, and hover over the download link, the url you get there for accessing the actual file is the same as in the PKGBUILD builds up). What are your concerns exactly?

There are a few other packaging mistakes, but none of malicious nature from what I can tell (main thing not quoting pkgdir, which is irrelevant if you don't build in a path with spaces)

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