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#1 2022-09-22 20:22:48

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Guile 3?

So, while looking at the flagged packages in the Core repository, I saw guile package, which is at version 2.2.7. While the Guile 2.2 is still maintained by devs, the newest available stable version is 3.0.8. Upon doing some fast research, I've gathered some info regarding packages which are using Guile:

'slib', 'graphviz' - no Guile 3 support whatsoever
'autogen' - patches are available, follow links in:
'xbindkeys' - patch is available in GIT, see: … 46d3d24468
'aisleriot', 'crash', 'gdb', 'gnucash', 'guile-bytestructures', 'make', 'nyacc', 'remake', 'gnutls', 'nlopt', 'weechat' - Guile 3 is supported

Also it must be noted that when new 'lilypond' version is released, it will have only Guile 2.2 support.


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