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System immediately waking up from hibernation

On my laptop I have a script monitoring some housekeeping parameters, among which is the state of the battery. When the battery gets too depleted, it plays a warning sound and enters hibernation. It does that fine, no problem there.

The problem is that within seconds of entering hibernation, it comes back up again and happily rides out the last minutes of battery charge before choking to death, taking everything down with it. This isn't the idea.

I've been trying to find out what is causing this wake-up behaviour. If I enter the hibernate command into shell manually [with sudo], it behaves as it should, and the PC hibernates properly. If it's launched from the script, it wakes up immediately. I've been poking around the wiki, I've been trying to rephrase the script, but nothing seems to work, and I don't know where to look next.

The idea is that the system is forced into hibernation, irrespective of input other than a power button press. The thing has to enter hibernation whether it's quietly transcoding some file, with lid open or closed, and also if my toddler is playing a game. I have the impression that the wake-up is initiated by some input the system is registering, but I have no clue whether that's even true. Once again, the problem does not occur when I manually enter the commands, only when acting from a script.


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Re: System immediately waking up from hibernation

What is the script? How is it triggered? What's in the journal?

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