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Telnet on localhost - Connection closed by foreign host

Hello guys,
I need telnet on my machine to interact with OpenOCD, so I followed the arch linux wiki page for telnet and installed:

sudo pacman -S inetutils

Then, to enable the server with systemd:

sudo systemctl enable telnet.socket
sudo systemctl restart telnet.socket

Now I try a basic self connection with:

telnet localhost

But I get a Login incorrect error 5x times in a row without me inputting any characters:

[stefano@jarvis ~]$ telnet localhost
Trying ::1...
Connected to localhost.
Escape character is '^]'.

Linux 6.0.2-arch1-1 (jarvis) (pts/1)

Login incorrect

Login incorrect

Login incorrect

Login incorrect

Login incorrect
Connection closed by foreign host.
[stefano@jarvis ~]$

Apparently it's a common issue, about which the wiki states:

If the session disconnects before you receive a login prompt, try installing inetutils-gitAUR in place of the current inetutils and restarting telnet.socket.

Which I can't do because the website is not reachable at the moment (tried with yay and a manual git clone -> makepkg -si):

curl: (7) Failed to connect to port 443 after 54 ms: Connection refused
==> ERROR: Failure while downloading
[stefano@jarvis ~]$ 

I can ping from cmd, but from browser I'm unable to connect.

At this point I'm stuck with the original issue, any idea why the telnet connection doesn't give me a chance to login?



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Re: Telnet on localhost - Connection closed by foreign host

You don't need to run a telnet server to connect to other devices.


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Re: Telnet on localhost - Connection closed by foreign host


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Re: Telnet on localhost - Connection closed by foreign host

seth wrote:

What we missed in that thread is login -h changes the pam service used to remote which Arch does not ship so the fallback which rejects everything is used,  that also explains why inetutils-git from AUR works as that rewrites other to use
Which raises the question what is in /etc/pam.d/login protecting against?

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Re: Telnet on localhost - Connection closed by foreign host

For context:

man login wrote:

           Used by other servers (such as telnetd(8) to pass the name of the remote host to login
           so that it can be placed in utmp and wtmp. Only the superuser is allowed use this

           Note that the -h option has an impact on the PAM service name. The standard service
           name is login, but with the -h option, the name is remote. It is necessary to create
           proper PAM config files (for example, /etc/pam.d/login and /etc/pam.d/remote).

man pam_securetty wrote:

       pam_securetty is a PAM module that allows root logins only if the user is logging in on a
       "secure" tty, as defined by the listing in the securetty file. pam_securetty checks at
       first, if /etc/securetty exists. If not and it was built with vendordir support, it will
       use <vendordir>/securetty. pam_securetty also checks that the securetty files are plain
       files and not world writable. It will also allow root logins on the tty specified with
       console= switch on the kernel command line and on ttys from the

       This module has no effect on non-root users and requires that the application fills in the
       PAM_TTY item correctly.

And indeed:

% strings /usr/bin/telnetd | grep -i login
can't expand login command line
set program to be executed instead of /usr/bin/login
do not print host information before login has been completed
/usr/bin/login -p -h %h %?u{-f %u}{%U}

I'll discount lennarts position as inherently invalid because lennarts position is always to introduce broken stuff and claim that the rest of the world has a bug, but will look through the 7 year old arch bug for a more informed opinion wink


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Re: Telnet on localhost - Connection closed by foreign host

On topic: copying /etc/pam.d/login to /etc/pam.d/remote (w/ securetty, that's completely orthogonal) indeed fixes the telnet problem, so util-linux should™ probably ship etc/pam.d/remote

So the bug starts out as 'securetty "breaks" containers' but then moves on to "how do we get rid of inetutils".


1. You're not getting rid of telnet - the client will be relevant for pretty much ever
2. There's /etc/pam.d/rlogin and /etc/pam.d/rsh and they can perfectly rely on securetty w/o breaking container
3. rlogind has "-o, --allow-root /  allow uid 0 to login, disabled by default"
4. keep securetty in pam.d/remote and drop it from pam.d/login and rely on login being invoked correctly (as telnet does) - pam.d/remote wants to include system-login, not system-local-login
5. still yell out a security warning announcement w/ the update and the mailing list and everywhere, h4ck0rz are gonna figure that anyway, you only care about sys admins and assume perfect knowledge among hostile players.

When comparing other distros nb. that THEY MIGHT USE LOGIN FROM SHADOW and not util-linux!
idk. why arch opted out of shadow and into util-linux, but the login manpage from the shadow git does not mention a login/remote pam separation and that might also inform the presence of securetty in their pam.d/login


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