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#1 2006-11-06 23:00:59

From: Minnesota, USA
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Mixture if SATA drive and IDE drives causing problems

I upgraded to a sata hard drive, keeping my IDE cd/dvd-roms and hard drive. I found I could not get all 4 to work well at once, hence I removed the IDE hard drive from the equation. Then my IDE rom drives and sata suddenly played well.

Now I find that I need the extra space, and threw the IDE hard drive back in. However, I still get IRQ errors, the kernel keeps repeating that my rom drives are confused ireason (many different ones listed). The system will boot, however it takes about 2-3 minutes doing so, after which point it works okay, minus the rom drive confused errors repeating indefinitely.

Any ideas on this? I'm thinking about just getting an external firewire otherwise.



#2 2006-11-07 12:18:04

From: Modena, Italy
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Re: Mixture if SATA drive and IDE drives causing problems

need more information about your motherboard, a cut/paste of `dmesg` and so on...

i'm interesting too on this because i'm going to do the same thing on my home server smile


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