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Optimus Laptop acting strange, relaed to nvidia-powerd.service

Not really sure how to proceed here but when I boot my laptop I sometimes get a message saying nvidia-powerd.service failed, its not all the time and so far I haven't been able to work out why it works sometimes and fails other times.

If the system boots without the error everything works great but when the daemon fails my laptop acts strange, it often crashes when waking from sleep, the fan seems to be running much more than usual, the battery drains from 80% to 15% in less than an hour and switching GPU modes between integrated and hybrid also results in a crash (Note: it is a full crash, even though a cursor blinks I cannot swap to another TTY and have to hold the power button down to reboot).

Nothing unusual (AFAICT) in dmesg, no errors in Xorg logs and even when the daemon fails journalctl says nothing useful at all.

I have tried supergfxctl & optimus-manager, problem exists on either. Weirdly supergfxctl has issues kicking the nvidia card off the bus when swapping to integrated, for OM I'm actually using acpi_call-dkms and it works 100% of the time.

Finally yesterday I simply renamed /lib/systemd/system/nvidia-powed.service and now the error message has gone away however now my battery is still draining when I close the lid.

Edit - Should add here, after renaming the service file everything is working fine other than the battery drain issue, I can swap modes and in use the battery is back to its usual 2 -3 hours before I need to plug it in.

System is an Asus TUF Dash 2022 with an Intel 12th Gen CPU Intel iGPU & Nvidia 3050ti. I currently running the G14 patched kernel for Asus laptops along with nvidia-open-dkms (only because I'm not happy about disabling indirect branch tracking).

Anyone got any suggestions?

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Re: Optimus Laptop acting strange, relaed to nvidia-powerd.service

The sporadic nature sounds like the usual early KMS race shenanigans so try to enable early KMS for both the i915 as well as the nvidia kernel modules: … _KMS_start


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