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#1 2022-11-02 12:34:41

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Not detected internal monitor since kernel 6.0

Since update to kernel 6.0.x the internal laptop monitor not detected. This occures on Thinkpad X1G9 and T15G2 with connected external monitor (which will be detected without any problems) via TB3.

In the display settings on KDE and Gnome only the external monitor is visible and nothing helps, to get the internal display visible back. If I unplug the external monitor, the internal will remain black. Only a reboot WITHOUT connected external monitor will correctly recognize the internal one and after reconnect to the external monitor, both are visible.

This wasn't a problem before.

Any ideas?


#2 2022-11-16 11:50:29

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Re: Not detected internal monitor since kernel 6.0

I'm on the same boat, since Kernel 6, if I boot the system with the laptop lid closed, the laptop monitor never shows any activity. I can enable and disabled on gnome settings, but nothing shows on it.

Tested on Debian 11, with kernel 5.10, and everything works OK.


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