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Is it possible to use physical hardware with a VM?

I'm not sure if I am posting in right thread, but I ran into some pretty interesting problem...

I have a few pieces of hardware, which need a Windows enviroment and I'm curious if it is possible to set up a VM and then connect that hardware to the VM running a version of Windows in order to use that hardware.

I have a PS4 controller from Trustmaster and the software to edit keybinds, deadzone settings etc... runs only on Windows. And the same goes for the Avermedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus....

For the time being I would only like to know if it is even possible to pull off with using a VM or should I desecrate my PC with a dual boot setup?


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Re: Is it possible to use physical hardware with a VM?

Look into USB passthrough in the VM settings, some have had success with that, manually adding devices.


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Re: Is it possible to use physical hardware with a VM?

Sure.  That is part of the reason for running a VM.   I use Windows 10 on Qemu to run a few things

Ft_Prog from FTDI to reprogram EEPROMS in their USB to serial converters to set device and manufacturer names.
I have a cheap arbitrary function generator called an FY6800 that came with Windows only support software that i ran through the VM (until I wrote my own CLI version in Linux).
Obviously, one can also talk to Networked equipment, such as my Siglent digital storage oscilloscope.  It came with a windows only support package called EZ scope which works in a VM.
Lastly, I was having trouble at one point with Skype on Linux; I had no trouble installing it in a VM and using the USB web camera integral to my laptop on the VM.

In my case, I use QEMU with a spice backend.  I connect with spicy as a client.  spicy has a nice interface to control which USB devices are passed through from the host to the guest machine.

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