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Unity 7.6 in the offical repos.


While I'm not affilated with the Ubuntu Unity Team, I am a satisfied user of this desktop environment and its Ubuntu flavor (which recently became a official Ubuntu flavor over a month ago).
Recently, Rudra Saraswat and his Ubuntu Unity team has started an unofficial repository which made it possible to install Unity on arch (for the first time since 6 years ago when Unity-For-Arch was abandoned). I believe it should included in the official arch repository and be quickly installed on Arch Linux, just as you would with GNOME, KDE, Cinnamon, etc.

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Re: Unity 7.6 in the offical repos.

Arch is entirely maintained by volunteers. If a package isn't in the repositories, it's because none of the current developers are aware of it (probably not the case in this circumstance) or aren't motivated to maintain it.

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