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Question about IOReadBandwidthMax for btrfs-scrub timer template

Hi there,

i'm a bit unsure about creating a drop-in-file for templated timers/service as described here … e_or_timer

The first thing that kinda is answered in another thread already: It's only necessary to create a timer for one subvolume of each btrfs filesystem, correct? Does that also work if the timer is created with the mountpoint as described in the Wiki or does that only apply for the UUID-method like in that thread?

The main two things i am unsure about:

- if i create a drop in file for a template (of the service and not the timer i guess?), does that automatically apply to all services derived from that template or do i have to create a drop in file for every service created from that template?

-which section do i need to put IOReadBandwidthMax in - [Service]?

From what i figured my /etc/systemd/system/btrfs-scrub@.service.d/override.conf would contain

IOReadBandwidthMax='/dev/disk/by-label/Root 100M'

Is that correct?

Thanks in advance!


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