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#1 2022-12-08 04:51:45

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Is there a File system with snapshot support

Long story short, i ran an rm -rf on a directory containing 8.2TB of data, twice. due to my own stupidity ill be having to rebuild the entire block device from backups, however i would like to avoid that specific task in the future, and someone suggested having a file system that had snapshot support, so i could roll back commands rather then just use ext4magic or extundelete.

now i am not sure such a thing actually exists, but i thought i would at least explore the possibility, also, for reference, the current filesystem is ext4 on LVM spanning multiple drives(3 iirc)  - not the safest, but it does give me plenty of space.

I started learning linux under Debian, and this is what I hope for every time I interact with the awesome Arch community.


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Re: Is there a File system with snapshot support

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