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Plymouth stoped working after kernel update.


Since the last update of the kernel (using linux-zen) I have not been able to get plymouth working again. I could not enter my system until I disabled the splash parameter from grub settings.
Do you know why this could be happening?




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Re: Plymouth stoped working after kernel update.

I don't have any ideas why it might not be working anymore.  Plymouth was born in the days when it could take 60s to up to 120s from grub to the login screen (greeter).  CPUs were less powerful and system drives were slower.  With an SSD or NVME, I would only see the plymouth splash for 1 to 2 seonds at most.  Therefore, in my case, plymouth is obsolete.   I don't have it installed and use "quiet splash" in the grub defaults.  As a result, I see the grub menu, then my motherboard logo for 2 literal seconds, and the I am at the SDDM login screen (greeter).   You could consider doing away with it unless you have a real need for it.  I would not hesitate to bet it is not as widely used or as useful any more.

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