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KODI sound revert back to very high, after i lower it in pavucontrol

i'm using Bluetooth headphones (BW-ANC2 of Blitzwolf).
also i'm using pipewire.

because the lowest sound in the headset is too high, i lower it in the settings (pavucontrol).
so you can see here:
that while i'm playing the new song of Iggy Pop (Strung Out Johnny) on youtube, the sound is low as i want it.
this thing is working good also in mpv:
and it is also stay in the same level after restart or closing the browser/mpv and open it again.

the problem is with kodi.
even if i set the volume to the same level of those above, after i close kodi and open it again, it's getting back to 100% volume which is very high in my headset:
so what i want is to lock kodisink sound to a lower volume level as those above and of course to force it stay there even after i close and open it again.

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