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CPU temperature

When starting a system (Arch linux) on a laptop lg gram 14z90q (i7 1260p, Intel iris) CPU temperature 80-90 degrees (cooler running at maximum), while the processor itself is engaged in 5 percent , if you unplug the power and enter: xset dpms force off , then the temperature immediately falls to 30 degrees , when powered from the network does not help , the temperature does not fall , if you prescribe the command that I mentioned above when powered from the battery and then connect the power from the network , the temperature will rise to 45-50 degrees , and if you change the system power consumption settings from balanced to productive the temperature will rise to 90 degrees and it does not knock it down. The pstate driver and linux_clear are also installed. When starting the system the CPU frequency is always 4.5 mhz, after the xset command the frequency drops. Please HELP!


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Re: CPU temperature

Some suggestions here.

Also make sure the intel-ucode package is installed and that the fixes are applied:


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