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Changing motherboard jack from lineout to headphones

Ok so I have my headphones connected to the jack on the back of the motherboard, but being set by default to lineout, I get distorted sound when I get past 50/60% volume.

Is there any way to change the configuration (as it could be done in windows) so that I get the right output power to drive headphones?

I don’t use the front jack because my case front io is messed up and it sounds horrible when I connect my headphones there.


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Re: Changing motherboard jack from lineout to headphones

I think this is what you're looking for (Assuming that you are using pulse audio): PulseAudio/Examples --------> (Check the Set the default output sink section )

Also, are you sure that the problem is the motherboard output? From my experience, this can also be caused by the cables of a PC component that uses a lot of power.

For example in my case, my GPU's power cables were extremely close to the cable that leads to the jack output of the headphones. The power cables where interfering electromagnetically
with the signal passing through the jack cable, causing weird noises. If you can try the output (lineout) with another OS and you're still having this problem, then the cause is probably the one I told you about.

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