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#1 2022-12-27 07:16:30

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Connection Problems After Fresh Install

This is my first time installing Arch.
In the live environment the internet was working just fine.
When I finished the installation I installed NetworkManager as well
After I rebooted my connection was gone

When I do "ip link" both the ethernet and the wireless interface were set to "UP" but instead of saying "Broadcast" it says "NO-CARRIER"

when I set wlp2s0 to down it goes back to "BROADCAST"

What might be the reasons for this?


#2 2022-12-27 08:05:36

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Re: Connection Problems After Fresh Install

Your network connection settings are not carried over, you need to configure NetworkManager on the host itself.


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Re: Connection Problems After Fresh Install

Another possibility is that  the NetworkManager service has not been started. I propose to check the status of NetworkManager service.

systemctl status NetworkManager


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Re: Connection Problems After Fresh Install

First, you need to enable the NetworkManager service (Its disabled by default when you are installing it):

sudo systemctl enable NetworkManager
sudo systemctl start NetworkManager #To start it in case you want to test it right now without having to reboot your computer.

Then you need to connect to a WiFI SSID in order to use the internet: Network Manager Usage

You can also install some Additional Interfaces in order to use Network Manager from a UI.

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