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Updating packages on start-up?

Hello folks,

I was wondering if I could add "Sudo Pacman -Syyu" to my .xinitrc files. Is this advisable or is there some random issue that I am not seeing?

Also can I run into any problems with updating my system too often.

Thank you


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Re: Updating packages on start-up?

First of all, you shouldn't use pacman -Syyu as it places unnecessary load on the mirrors.

To answer you question upgrades should always be attended and require you to read pacman's output. Manual intervention is often needed.

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Re: Updating packages on start-up?

In addition, updates will frequently require you to reboot (e.g. following a kernel update). So, if that command worked (which it would not without interaction), you'd end up updating twice with a reboot right after you've booted.

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