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Older package versions on


Is it possible to keep older package versions on for a few weeks before deleting them?

The corresponding debuginfo (especially of glibc) is needed for valgrind to work at all (as most programs are linked to it).

So when you do update glibc and remove the corresponding debuginformation from the server,
you break valgrind in derived distributions (like manjaro) as they are slightly behind with their package versions.
There is no easy fix for the users, as they have no way to get the old debuginformation.

Keeping the debuginformation for older package versions on your debuginfod server seems to be the most economical fix for the problem.

It otherwise disqualifies these distributions as a full production system for c++ applications.

Thanks in advance for considering it, it might benefit the greater arch ecosystem.
(And spare me from changing distributions)



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Re: Older package versions on

It's not Arch Linux's concern what other distributions are doing and if they want things like these they are free to build their own infrastructure to support their own usecases.

But that's just my opinion, if you really seek traction with this with the people that provide the thing you'll want to post this to the mailing lists.


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