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resume from suspend randomly wakes to black screen

Description of problem:

running on a thinkpad P51
intel i7
nvidia Quadro M2200

randomly (not every time, but sometimes), when I resume from suspend mode, the
screen remains black and I have no way of resuming my session without
restarting the computer. But it's more likely to happen if the computer has
been suspended for a long time

I just want to know what is causing this, it's driven me to the edge of my
sanity at this point. any advice or recommendations are greatly appreciated.

what I've done to try and find the problem:

    looked for at error / warnings in dmesg
        havent found a difference in the logs during a successful boot and a boot to black screen

    disable all the nvidia services
        hasn't made any difference

    update all firmware to latest versions
        hasn't made a difference

    switch from arch linux to ubuntu
        hasn't made a difference

    switch from gdm to lightdm
        hasn't made a difference

    change desktop environment from xfce to gnome
        hasn't made a difference

    make a keyboard shortcut to to run an xrandr command that will reset the screens
        doesn't work, can't get me out of the black screen

    try hibernate instead of suspend
        hibernate mode has the same problem

    I've enabled an ssh server on the problem machine to see if I can ssh to it
    from another computer during a black screen incident after resuming from

        I had some interesting finds while doing this.

        When the problem computer resumes form suspend to a black screen, I am
        able to successfully ssh to the computer.

        I attached to an existing tmux session and everything looks as I left it before suspending it.

        Interestingly, even the sound is working. with the ssh connection, when
        I backspace in a terminal, on ubuntu there is a "bing noise" it makes,
        and the black screen computer makes the bing noise while I'm pressing
        backspace on the computer I'm using to ssh to it.

        with an ssh connection in the black screen state, I found that if I
        kill gdm instances and then restart it, this works. it gets me back to
        a login screen but I still lost my session because I effectively logged
        out and logged in, but I am able to get the screen working WITHOUT
        restarting the computer.

    current things to perhaps look into:

        attempt to change from UEFI to BIOS boot:

            I've read that BIOS mode may make some difference in the hardware support.
            I've been attempting to perform an arch linux install in BIOS boot mode, and I haven't been successful.
            I've set in my bios settings to use legacy boot only
            I'm made a BIOS boot with GPT partition table.

            1 MiB - Bios boot partition
            40 GiB - swap
            ~400GiB - linux file system

            after following the arch linux install and grub install / config
            for GPT / Bios, the computer can't boot to grub, it just restarts
            over and over again. I'm perplexed why BIOS boot works to boot from
            the arch installable media (verified by lack of
            /sys/firmware/efi/efivars), but not off my hard drive.

        try wayland:

            I've tried wayland, but all of the desktop environment and icons
            and text are corrupted and look all miscolored to the point where
            it's unusable.

        try playing with different kernel versions:

            havent done this yet, but I've read a forum about this issue where
            some users said that they were able to fix a random suspend to
            black screen problem by switching to a particular kernel version.


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Re: resume from suspend randomly wakes to black screen

Could it be related to this ? Have you tried using the LTS kernel?

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Re: resume from suspend randomly wakes to black screen

@cribari OP is running on intel i7

When the problem computer resumes form suspend to a black screen, I am
        able to successfully ssh to the computer.

This is looking at graphics wakeup problem. Have you looked at Preserve video memory after suspend?

Could you post the ouput of cat /proc/acpi/wakeup?
Also lspci.


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Re: resume from suspend randomly wakes to black screen

thank you for the responses.
some updates:

after reinstalling arch linux on the p51 laptop (I went to ubuntu and now back
to arch linux), I'm having a lot of problems with the external display port
that are new. previously, I was able to fix these problems by using dedicated
gpu mode in the BIOS, but now that boots to a black screen every time. (can't
get to a desktop or terminal at all after grub)

I've also installed arch linux on a different laptop of mine, an asus rog strix
with an nvidia GTX 1060 Mobile 6GB and intel i7 6700 HQ. and I find that I have
the same original problem that I described on the first laptop, the resume from
suspend works sometimes but not always.

I've verified that the problem exists on both laptops using the nvidia-lts and
linux-lts. I also noticed while installing the kernel that there were some
warning messages about missing firmware, and I installed all of the missing
firmware that it complains about so running the install of the kernel doesn't
say "warning possibly missing firmware", but that had no effect on the problem.

the only laptop that I have that I would say "flawlessly" runs linux (arch and
ubuntu with no issues) is a thinkpad T400 but it's very old and has no GPU. But
the suspend issue exists on both those other laptops (p51 and asus rog), and on
the p51 with the M2200 GPU, getting the graphics card working with external
displays has always been troublesome.

I would be willing to buy another laptop if I had a way to know that I am not
going to run into these suspend and GPU issues. I would check what laptops are
listed on the arch wiki as compatible, but I don't really believe these are
accurate because on this page it lists the p51 as compatible with power
maybe it's a p51 model with a different GPU that works better.

I will try looking into the preserve video memory after suspend article.


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