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External monitor not detected after wake from suspend USB-C DP

I have been having this problem for a while and have tried various solutions I have found online but with no success.  I have an external monitor (Gigabyte G34WQC) connected via Display Port to a USB-C port on my laptop (MSI GS66).  If I connect the laptop to the monitor and power on the laptop, the monitor is detected.  However, when I resume from suspend the laptop does not detect the monitor at all (xrandr -q output only shows the laptop screen).  The laptop has a NVIDIA Prime Render Offloading setup following the approach given in the wiki

1. Unplugging and reconnecting the USB-C connection leads to the monitor being detected
2. Cycling power on the monitor DOES NOT lead to the monitor being detected, it really seems to need the unplug/plug.
3. Trying to set a mode with xrandr to the monitor port does not work
4. I do not see anything unusual in the Xorg log, it shows the monitor as disconnected and then shows it as reconnected when I do the unplug/plug
5. I disabled USB autosuspend in TLP with no change in behaviour
6. Disabling DPMS with xset did not make a change

I would appreciate any thoughts or suggestions on what to try next.


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