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#1 2023-01-24 19:46:21

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Splash screen bmp added to UKI file with mkinitcpio

I boot using a unified kernel image (an .efi file). I create the image with the mkinitcpio command that uses a linux-preset file and a kernel cmdline file. In the linux-preset file, I set the splash screen with a default_options setting.

To create the splash screen, I used GIMP to convert a jpg file to a bmp file, and then put that bmp file into /usr/share/systemd/bootctl/. And it works perfectly.

But then I wanted to change the splash screen. I went through the same process, acquiring a jgp file, and then exporting to to a bmp file with GIMP.

But when I boot, there's no splash's just blank. When I replace the splash screen option in linux-preset with the original bmp or with the arch-splash bmp, it works. But not with the new bmp.

Any suggestions as to why?


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Re: Splash screen bmp added to UKI file with mkinitcpio

Is the resolution the same? Run the `file` command on both .bmp images and compare the output.


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