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Re: [closed] Will Arch transition to x86-64-v2 CPU requirement?

CarbonChauvinist wrote:

I've been using the ALHP unofficial user repo to get v3 builds and has worked pretty well so far.

It's described as a

Go based buildbot to build official Archlinux repos with x86-64 feature levels, -O3 and LTO

It currently only builds for v3 and v2 and here's their current package status page to see which packages are currently being built (by default excludes all "any" architecture packages).

This is not an endorsement, you're responsible for your own vetting... but, just letting others know this is a potential option if they're interested in further exploring.

nice workaround.
let's end this discussion and close this topic. there's nothing else we can do about it for now.

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Re: [closed] Will Arch transition to x86-64-v2 CPU requirement?

Please don't use "[closed]", it's used by mods to lock a thread.
Scimmia and Slithery answered your question last November/December, at this point the thread was technically "solved".


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