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[SOLVED] Error preparing initrd: Device Error

I have a system with Arch Linux booting with systemd-boot on EFI.
I'm using the LTS kernel.
When I select any of my three entries in the systemd-boot menu, the system will display the error message "Error preparing initrd: Device Error" in red on the screen and then shut off.
I am currently preparing an installation ISO USB stick to investigate further.
Maybe somebody has encountered this before and can lead me on a track on how to debug this issue or maybe someone already knows what's causing this.

When I boot the system with a live medium, either in UEFI or MBR boot mode, after loading the kernel the screen goes black and the system gets unresponsive.
If I press caps lock, the light on the keyboard won't come on.
I am starting to consider a hardware fault.
Any ideas?

Update 2:
The systems boots at least in UEFI mode when I plug the USB key into a USB 2.0 port instead of a USB 3.1 port.

Update 2:
fsck yielded and repaired file system errors on both the EFI and root partition.
However, after a reboot the initial error remained.
After regenerating the initramfs with the live USB key, the system boots fine again.

I suspect that somebody did not properly shut it down, resulting in data loss.

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