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#1 2023-02-19 05:52:30

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chances for keyboard and mouse not work after login into gdm

1. power on the laptop, boot into gdm login screen

2. mouse and keyboard works well on gdm login screen

3. login, gnome promt with the workspace overview

    3.1 if click mouse in the search entry in the overview, mouse and keyboard
        will work well for this login

    3.2 if just press esc to exit the overview, there is perhaps 1/3 chance that keyboard               
        will not work, and mouse can only move but no click. System works fine at the time,
        I can login via ssh, and after the session get auto lock, the keyboard may come back             
        to work, but still no click for mouse.

here the log of `journalctl -b`:
case for the log:
1. boot and login on gdm, then keyboard and mouse not work
2. login via ssh
3. keyboard works, but mouse still not work
4. restart gdm, login, mouse and keyboard not work
5. session auto lock after several minites,
6. wake the lock screen, keyboard works, mouse does not, login with keyboard
7. restart gdm with terminal
8. relogin, and click on the overview search entry, evrything works
9. report the issue with firefox

steps to recover keyboard and mouse without reboot:

1. restart gdm via ssh
2. login
3. click the search entry in gnome desktop overview screen
4. press esc

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#2 2023-03-12 08:00:05

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Re: chances for keyboard and mouse not work after login into gdm

For anyone with the same issue, this might be  caused by the missing of ibus, I'm using fcitx5 with gnome. and not  ibus installed, it seems to work if ibus is installed


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