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#1 2023-03-15 10:37:39

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System hangs at black screen after resuming from sleep

I have a Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 (15ARH5) and it fails to resume after closing the lid about 1 in 6 times, it is random. I just get a black screen. Sometimes it shows a few lines of some log, but I don't have that text now because it did not show up for a while now. The text usually mentions Bluetooth for some reason (I do use it regularly), but after my experimentation I did not manage to reproduce the error.

Here is the log that starts with me closing the laptop lid and ends after the system hangs. Mar 14 entries are from going to sleep and Mar 15 is from trying to resume.

If anyone can help I would appreciate it.


#2 2023-03-15 12:28:55

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Re: System hangs at black screen after resuming from sleep (nb. that mearkat7 has essentially hi-jacked the thread and does not seem to face the exact same problem)


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