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Archinstall stuck on "Testing connectivity to the Arch Linux mirrors"

I am running Arch Linux in VirtualBox. I am connected to internet through the college proxy server. So after the image boots up, I type

export http_proxy= <proxy url>
export https_proxy= $http_proxy

Since I cannot use ping, I tested the internet connection by trying to update pacman; pacman could successfully connect to internet.

When I try running 'archinstall', the message  "Testing connectivity to the Arch Linux mirrors..." gets printed and after a long time the following mountain of text appears:

The text recommends that I try "pacman-key --init", and so I do:

However, the error has not been resolved and I still get a mound of text after trying "archinstall" again :

I apologize for using images, but since I have not yet completed the installation, there is no way for me to grab the text.

So how do I resolve this issue?

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Re: Archinstall stuck on "Testing connectivity to the Arch Linux mirrors"

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