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Considering SUSE

In other forums I have found a few threads of Arch users who happily switched to SUSE and never looked back.
I have been using Arch at home and Debian on servers (except for Arch machines for experimentation, but the need to reboot on kernel update is a no-no for serious use) for a few years now, but now stumbled upon SUSE through their "Harvester" Kubernetes Distro and am intrigued by the possibility to use the same distro everywhere, simply using the different editions.
Don't get me wrong, I am very happy with Arch, but from time to time I have some weird package upgrade or configuration issue that sucks up time and was wondering what your experience is, especially of those who switched in either direction in recent years. Also, a few friends would like an introduction to Linux, which will at first start with Zorin, but throwing somebody who wants more power at Arch/Manjaro does not seem like a good idea to me.

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Re: Considering SUSE

xerus wrote:

In other forums I have found a few threads of Arch users who happily switched to SUSE and never looked back.

Good for them.

xerus wrote:

Don't get me wrong, I am very happy with Arch, but ...

Well, nobody will prevent you from trying other distros here.
Give it a shot and use what best fits your needs.


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Re: Considering SUSE

For testing multiple different Distributions, consider creating a Multiboot USB Drive. Although, settings are not permanent but you can still experiment with lots of distros.


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Re: Considering SUSE

First of all be aware that OpenSuse is highly configured / customized as is - out of the box. In my opinion it's too "over-customized".

I really like RPM packaging system, but search info about "open suse patterns", some kind of metapackages.

The third thing is that you should™ check if all software you are using in Arch Linux, is available and instllable on OpenSuse (like Nvidia drivers) and especially AUR packages.

All settings visible in Yast2 are available under /etc/sysconfig/*. Be carefull with editing files by hand, etc.

Good luck!

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Re: Considering SUSE

You might try setting up a VM to test it.

Edit: Just for fun I just spun it up as a VM in Boxes.  It took about 10 minutes, start to finish

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Re: Considering SUSE

I'm currently testing NixOS in a VM out of curiosity. But I wouldn't see this as an opportunity to tell the community with a new forum thread.

Just do it! You are no bad person, if you leave Arch for another distro. It's not cheating like sleeping with another person.


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Re: Considering SUSE

Fixxer wrote:

I really like RPM packaging system

What is wrong with you!  tongue


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