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ArchInstall problems: Unknown device / No NetworkManager., No Internet

I am trying to install ArchLinux again:

Arch Linux ISO: archlinux-2023.04.01-x86_64.iso
Used Rufus to create Bootable ISO on USB flash drive.

Here is the system and Arch Linux has been running fine on the system until Hypraland install screwed it up:

PowerSpec B734 Desktop Computer
AMD Ryzen 7 5700G 3.8GHz Processor
Microsoft Windows 11 Pro
16GB DDR4-2666 RAM
1TB Solid State Drive (NVME)  (/dev/nvme0n1)
AMD Radeon 5700G Graphics
10/100/1000 Network
802.11ac Wireless
Bluetooth 4.2

UEFI/BIOS enabled, Secure Boot disabled.
Add-on: Western Digital 500GB SSD (/dev/sda) to the system for Arch Linux.

In Windows 11, I used Rufus to write the ISO file to USB:

Device: 64GB USB flash drive
Boot selection: archlinux-2023.04.01-x86_64.iso
Partition scheme: GPT
Target system: UEFI (non CSM)
Volume label: ARCH_202304
File system: Large FAT32 (Default)
Cluster size: 32 kilobytes (Default)

ISOHybrid image detection [window]
( ) Write in ISO Image mode (Recommended)
(X) Write in DD Image mode
[ OK ] 

Here are the steps of archinstall process from turning the computer on up to archinstall:

PowerSpec system:
* F11 for boot menu
* Boot Device Menu:
    Windows Boot Manager (WD Blue SN570 1TB)
  ->UEFI: SMI USB DISK 1100, Partition 2

Boot up on the USB drive, verify with dhcpcd that the computer and LAN/Internet connection (as it does):

Arch Linux 6.2.8-arch1-1 (tty1)

root@archiso ~# dhcpcd
root@archiso ~# pacman -Sy
root@archiso ~# pacman -S archinstall    [installs: archinstall-2.5.5-1]
root@archiso ~# archinstall

Here is the archinstall settings:

Set/Modify the below options

ArchInstall Language:       set: English (100%)
Keyboard layout             set: us
Mirror region               set: ['United States']
Locale language             set: en_US
Locale encoding             set: utf-8
Drive(s)                    set: 1 Drive(s)

  Error: Unknown device found by '/sys/class/block/*', ignoring: /dev/loop0
  Then these items show:
  [ ] BlockDevice(/dev/nvme0n1, size=931.5GB, free_space=1031kb+1049kb+729kb, bus_type=vnme)
  [*] BlockDevice(/dev/sda, size=465.8GB, free_space=1031kb+1049kb+768kb, bus_type=sata)
  [ ] BlockDevice(/dev/sdb, size=58.6GB, free_space=833MB+62.1GB, bus_type=usb)

Disk Layout                 set: 2 Partitions

   Select what to do with each individual drive (followed by partition usage)  
  >Wipe all selected drives and use a best-effort defaut partition layout

   Select which filesystem your main partition should use: btrfs
   BTRFS subvolumes with a default structure? yes (default)
   Would you like to use BTRFS compression? yes (default)

Disk encryption
Bootloader                  set: systemd-bootctl
Swap                        set: True
Hostname:                   set: archX
Root password               set: ******
User account                set: 1 User(s)
Profile                     set: Profile(desktop)

 >desktop: Provides a selection of desktop environments and tiling window managers, e.g. gnome, kde, sway
  Select your desired environment: kde
  Select a graphics driver or leave blank to install all open-source drivers:
 >All open-source (default)

Audio                       set: pipewire
Kernels                     set: ['linux']
Additional packages         set: ['firefox','vim']
Network configuration       set: Use NetworkManager
Timezone                    set: US/Eastern
Automatic time sync (NTP)   set: True
Optional repositories       set: ['multilib']

Save configuration
(Press "/" to search)

Archinstall installed Arch Linux, installed KDE, etc.  I have also selected Gnome, same problem.

When I log in to KDE or Gnome, NetworkManager error occurs when I open Discover.

When I open terminal to check for IP address (ip a), no IP is there because network card is not active.

Just today alone I have re-installed Arch Linux using archinstall at least 6 times, and each time with the same results.

I am puzzled why ArchLinux archinstall is having all these problems.


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Re: ArchInstall problems: Unknown device / No NetworkManager., No Internet

Moving to Guided Installer forum.


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