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Troubles with drives during archinstallation on hyper-v

I am trying to install Arch on a VM using Hyper-V in windows 11. The VM has plenty of RAM and processors and runs from an iso image I downloaded from here. For the drive, I chose the biggest one and opted to wipe all data on it, then use btfrs as file system with default settings.

Although I don't really want to use an encryption password, but if I don't do disk encryption it doesn't even make me start installing saying:

`AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'encryption_password'.`

Then I try again and using encryption password the installation pushes forward at first but stops and gives me an error that says:

`archinstall.lib.exceptions['']exited with abnormal exit code [-9]. b"Existing 'crypto_LUKS' superblock signature on device /dev/sda2 will be wiped. `

Any help understanding this would be appreciated, thank you.


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Re: Troubles with drives during archinstallation on hyper-v

Mod note: Moving to archinstall subforum.

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