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#1 2023-04-13 23:17:51

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Bluetooth headset sometimes "forget" play sound

i don't know how to reproduce this but couple of minutes ago it was happened again.
i'm on gnome, and i'm using pipewire.
i connect my bluetooth headset to my pc using bluetooth usb dongle.
sometimes when i play video i have no sound (suddenly).
of course the headset is connected (i can see it is connected in the gnome panel above).
so for example i opened a youtube video (in google chrome) and i didn't get any sound.
the video was playing without a problem, but without sound.
but after i returned to play a video on mpv (which was already open, but the video was paused), and then move back to my youtube video and continue playing it again (it was on pause also), the sound was playing again.
most of the time i cant "fix" this (as it was fixed in this specific example above), so i need to disconnect my headset and then reconnect it and then the sound is back.
in lsusb i see that my dongle is:
Realtek Semiconductor Corp. Bluetooth Radio


#2 2024-02-20 06:42:47

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Re: Bluetooth headset sometimes "forget" play sound

Having similar kind of issue of suddenly no sound with mpv and firefox (even with mpd), with pipewire and bluetooth in a laptop with Arch Linux. I don't remember having similar issues in debian or other debian based distros. 

Kernel: 6.7.5-arch1-1
Window System: X11

I don't know if it is related but I do have a nvidia GPU.

EDIT: As the OP said there is not any exact way to reproduce this issue, but a quick `bluetoothctl disconnect` and again reconnecting fixes the no sound problem, but this doesn't help why the issue is appearing in the first place.

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#3 2024-03-04 05:09:17

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Re: Bluetooth headset sometimes "forget" play sound

I'm also having this issue. I haven't noticed it with mpd but for sure switching between firefox based browser and mpv causes a loss of audio but headset is still connected. I have found that if I switch the output profile sound will resume without the need to disconnect and reconnect.

This has been happening for at least the past 4 months.


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