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Dual boot Windows cannot shutdown

Hello everyone,

last night I installed arch linux an my new pc, which comes with preinstalled windows 11. Linux and windows are installed on two different ssds. I've chosen systemd-boot as a boot loader and followed this instruction to include windows in the boot loader menu.

Everything is working, i can boot linux and windows, but, when I'm in windows I can not shut down the pc, reboot is working properly. When I click on shutdown in windows, windows only logs me out and I get the login screen from windows.

When I change the boot order and start windows from the windows boot loader everything is working fine.


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Re: Dual boot Windows cannot shutdown

Just fishing.

Are you starting Windows from systemd-boot and chainloading the Windows boot loader, or do you configure your uEFI to use either systemd-boot or the Windows boot loader?
Does Arch Linux shut down properly.

And, have you turned off Windows "Fast Boot"? … ibernation
If not, do so now.

And, though unrelated (probably), how are you handling the way in which the RTC is handled? … e_standard

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