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archinstall, encrypted btrfs: unable to set compression

Hi everyone,

I seemingly can't enable btrfs subvolumes compression upon installing arch on encrypted btrfs with archinstall: even though I ask for btrfs compression in the interactive menu, I see "compress": False in the resulting configuration for each subvolume. Here are a few details that might be relevant:

disk layout: default for btrfs
encryption: yes
bootloader: systemd-bootctl

I tried exporting my configuration to a .json file and manually editing it, but this causes the script to crash. Both the ISO I'm using and archinstall are at latest version (2023.04.01 for the ISO, 2.5.5-1 for archinstall). A number of similar issues have been reported in the past:

Any hint?

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Re: archinstall, encrypted btrfs: unable to set compression

For those who ran into the same issue:

I did several tests, and it seems like archinstall categorically refuses to apply btrfs compression to subvolumes. This was a pain for me, since I wanted to apply compression to my volumes and knew that, if I installed my base system with uncompressed subbolumes and enabled compression afterwards, only newly written files would have been compressed.
An easy workoround, if you don't want to install the system the good ol' way, is to compress existing files straight after installing the system, and enable compression:

# btrfs filesystem defragment -r -v -czstd /

See for details.

If anyone has something to add or correct, feel free.

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Re: archinstall, encrypted btrfs: unable to set compression

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