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get a .sh bash script on an iso

i'm messing around with making a install script myself just cause i end up bricking my system lot lol.
anyway i'm trying to get the script in an iso that a vm can use
if i use mkisofs from the cdrtools (i think) package it makes a iso but if i boot it in a vm i get … g?raw=true
in qemu

what do i have to do to add the .sh file and keep the iso bootable on both a vm and an actual pc (if it makes a difference)

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Re: get a .sh bash script on an iso

You need to add the file to an already bootable iso instead of just creating a new blank iso containing only that file.
What exact commands are you using to generate your iso?

If you are looking to create a bootable Arch installation iso then take a look at...

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Re: get a .sh bash script on an iso

long wait for reply sry
completely seperate ( i think ) problem now
anyway use mkarchiso with my .sh in airootfs etc
if i try to write that iso (or a normal iso from a mirror) with any of these methods it just kinda dosent do anything. not much more info than that. same thing on 2 different 16g flash drives.
honestly no idea so


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Re: get a .sh bash script on an iso

I was doing exactly the same 2 days ago.

Now it takes me 2:50 minutes:seconds to fully install arch.

I have used curl to download the script from my github page to the live USB.

I can post the exact command in about 8 hours as I don't have access to my pc rn.

if i remember correctly it was:

curl … >

it has to be the link to the raw file in GitHub

the command is correct

$ curl [link to raw github script] > [output file name]

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