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KDE Plasma Arch Build


Full resolution Image here: … 162658.png

My Wallpaper is here:

This is my KDE Desktop. Runs about 680 MiB after a clean start. I added the Arch logo to a nice wallpaper I found.

A little bit about my build:

I chose xfs as my filesystem
16GB of Swap
Microcode is installed properly wink
Reflector service and timer enabled
Paru for the AUR Helper
iwd configured properly for wifi
pipewire and wireplumber installed clean
I opted out of a login manager so startx or Hyprland it is (Screenshot is from my KDE Desktop Environment)
Minimal KDE Plasma install
alacritty for the terminal emulator
thunar for the file manager
librewolf for the browser
pacman.conf is configured with Color, ILoveCandy, and Parallel Downloads 10 to speed things up and give a nice minimal touch of color and character to the terminal
10 seconds to boot to the desktop it's very fast wink

Ultimately I had an awesome time and it took a lot of practice runs to really understand what I wanted in the final product. The Arch Installation Guide and Wiki are very easy to navigate now and I understand what people mean about how good it is. I documented everything I use really well and a full reformat is maybe an hour because my internet is so slow but I probably spend only 10 minutes total entering commands. This system is blazing fast. Very noticeable difference in opening programs like gimp or libre office writer. I even got Hollow Knight to run native with 1920x1080 resolution with the highest settings on my onboard Intel UHD 620 graphics. Sure does get hot though. It's been an incredible journey and I've come away a much stronger linux user because of it. 

Special Thanks to:

For your help with troubleshooting

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Re: KDE Plasma Arch Build

Very nice wallpaper. Thank you for sharing.

Arch Linux with Openbox & Tint2


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