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#1 2023-05-15 01:54:03

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Battery Life on an Acer Aspire with Arch + KDE

Hi everyone,

Basically I´m here just seeking some advice, suggestions or any new view points for the duration of the battery using linux.
I bought this Acer Aspire 2 years ago, had windows with it, I wipe it out completely and never boot it up with windows, I replaced it with Arch linux few months ago, but I think you know that issue with the duration of the battery on linux. I made a little research for the battery duration using windows and was about 5 to 6 hours aprox. But on Linux I can barelly do 2 hours , maybe 2 and a half, just by browsing, watching some videos , streaming or handling documents for the university.

I already tried using auto-cpufreq , but not a big change, maybe 10 more minutes. I haven´t used TLP yet, I will try it shortly.

But I wan´t to know if you have any other adviced (besides the power management of the arch wiki, since it does not seems to work out for me) that I can try to extend the battery of this laptop. As I mention is just mainly for university, no discrete graphics, no dedicated graphics.

Intel Core i3 1005-G1
12 Gb Ram
Linux LTS running.

I will appreciate any tip you can provide. Thanks.


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Re: Battery Life on an Acer Aspire with Arch + KDE

Back when I used KDE (and again when I tried it recently), I regularly had issues with kwin using 100% CPU. It might be worth checking whether that is happening here. Unfortunately, I was never able to fix it.


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Re: Battery Life on an Acer Aspire with Arch + KDE

You might experiment with powertop.

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Re: Battery Life on an Acer Aspire with Arch + KDE

What browser you use? If Chromium based, you need to enable video decoding acceleration, otherwise YouTube saturates your CPU.

TLP is very good, just make sure to manually config it - defaults are a lie.

Which kernel you have and which graphic card? Because you need to have one.


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Re: Battery Life on an Acer Aspire with Arch + KDE

see, especially the governor part
I don't know how good the shedutil governor is, but i always have my laptop on conservative.

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Re: Battery Life on an Acer Aspire with Arch + KDE

Thanks for the replies. I will be looking into, Im currently using firefox. I will tweak some stuff on my end and see what comes out.


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