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Hyper-V memory ballooning issues


Searching ' "hv_balloon" "archlinux" ' with my favorite search engine did not yield result, except a RedHat page about "free" command and source-code I am not competent to read.
I may have missed something as the dynamic memory isn't working as I expected it to work : reclaiming unused memory works, but if the VM needs the memory again it increase back too slowly.
I followed and installed the hyperv package, enabled the three services mentioned.
i tried to fill a tmpfs to make the maximum memory grow, instead the oom procedure started and killed services instead of taking more memory from the hypervisor. Trying to compile a binary ends with out of memory errors.

The machine runs correctly with all services with less than 512Mb of memory, but updating package require compilation for some of them and the VM legitimately needs the additional memory during compilation.

I was not able to reproduce the issue on Debian 11 with the same hypervisor and the equivalent packages installed. (No oom kill)
Hypervisor runs on Windows Server 2022

Are my expectations off for this feature or is there something I can do to make it hand out additional memory more aggressively?

Thank you for reading.

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