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#1 2002-12-22 20:35:01

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few problems

ok i installedarch 0.4, and during the install script not pay attention, when it asked if i wanted to mount any other partitions, i said sure hoping to mount my windows fat32 drive.  so i told it to mount that partition then it asked for a linux partition type (ext3,ext2,reisrfs) seeing this i paniced and thought it would erase my drive so i hit cancel and droped out.  BUT that was the cancel was for the WHOLE thing, then looking over my config files, i noticed nothing was there for my system.  just the cdroms and flopy entry were there, so i manualy added my partitions and everything was ok.  then i was in X as root setting up stuff installing modules blah blah blah. then i go to mount my cdrom, and there is nothing in the /mnt/ folder.

being a newb i'm not sure if the stuff in the /mnt/ folder are directories or just files. soo i did a touch /mnt/fl and a mkdir /mnt/cdrom1. i figure one of them has to work, then i'll have figured it out. but then i get

[root@n3rdz mnt]# mount /mnt/fl
mount: /dev/floppy/0 is not a valid block device
[root@n3rdz mnt]#

suggestion: would it be possible to make th escript so if you cancel while selected a partition it just drops you back to the part before, or atleast to the begining of that section, so the user(me) doesn't think that it just didn't install the last part.  also since there is no option in the script now, making it so you make the /mnt/ and the cdrom and flopy stuff first, befor you do the drive selection so if this happens i have my drives installed. big_smile

p.s. sorry i'm such a newb


#2 2003-02-10 02:35:46

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Re: few problems

add this to /etc/fstab only if you do not got it
/dev/floppy/0          /mnt/floppy   vfat      user,noauto,unhide     0      0
then mkdir /mnt/floppy
them mount /mnt/floppy

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#3 2003-02-10 13:00:42

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Re: few problems

Looks like you'd prefer the file systems to be made one by one.... here.


#4 2003-02-10 16:33:32

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Re: few problems

when asked to mount other partitions DONOT mount anything your gonna want to keep, the whole idea of being asked to mount extra partitions is if you say have /home on a seperate partition from / or on another drive like I have..

in which case, dont mount nething extra unless your know why your doing it and whats going to happen.


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