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Re: Any way to avoid sudo now?

sudo being a server adminstration tool


If anything, sudo was popularized by Ubuntu (not exactly your server distro) when the chose to disable the root account.
And it was written in an University context to give students limited admin rights.

A server is about the last thing where you'd need or want it.


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Re: Any way to avoid sudo now?

For those who want to make a fake sudo package, here is a script I found on github. The script is 3 years old. It works for me.

What I did was ➔ configure doas ➔ configure makepkg.conf using doas ➔ install fakeroot and sudo (no need to configure sudo) ➔ run the script ➔ remove sudo ➔ install base-devel --needed. You may also add sudo to *IgnorePkg* in pacman.conf.

p.s. I don't have any coding knowledge, I can't guarantee the safety.


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