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Re: If you could buy any laptop..

If i could choose any laptop id build it myself from scratch and put what ever i wanted in it, the best of the best .

I wouldnt touch a MacBook unless it was on the Power PC chip, the new ones are an over glorified plain old intel machine nothign more,

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Re: If you could buy any laptop..

I'd buy a t42 with a hi-res monitor.  I hate my t43.

[edit] I rescind this statement.  My t43 and I are friends now.  Thinkpad FTW.

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Re: If you could buy any laptop..

lessthanjake wrote:

The professional notebooks from FujitsuSiemens looks nice(not like the ThinkPads) and also has a good building quality. The cheep one from FS is just palstic crap. I own a LIFEBOOK P7120, it maby too small for you, but replasing the dwdrw with a seconary batery you get a silent ultrapotable pc lasting all day long(6-9h depending on usage): … ook_p.html

Another nice looking model is this one, maybe more your size Q2010: … q2010.html … 398809.jpg

I got one of those "profesional" acer laptops. And the only good thing I can say about it, is that the screen is readable outdoors.
The screen got marks from the keyboard, the keyboard layout is ***** (sorry, but i realy realy hate it) and it's heavy for it size, without providing the expected build quality.

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