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Strange reboot issue (Solved)

Hello all.

I have a weird reboot problem. If I do a reboot with linux-lts I get a black screen saying intel nuc on the screen. And then the computer restarts in 15 seconds as it should with the usual information on the screen. Should also mention that it is impossible to change the kernel during a restart because it goes so fast right there. So I uninstalled linux-lts to boot with arch-kernel. But if I reboot with linux-6.4.10-arch1-1 the screen goes completely black except for some text in the upper left corner. Then it probably takes between 2-4 minutes before the computer restarts to sddm  and i can log in to kde. I see no errors in dmesg or with journalctl -k and earlyprintk=efi,keep. Finally got an output to show. This error maby from kernel  6.4-7 and up to latest? for me.
Anyone else have something similar?? Much Drm, i915 errors.
Intel nuc 13p 1340 i5 64g ram

After much searching i find this thread with spi error and in kernel

I installed a custom kernel 6.5 and blacklist spi_intel_pci and now reboot not stops in same way.

" update: add intremap=off to grub commandline and my nuc reboot like it should" tested with kernel 6.5.0-rc6-1-drm-tip-git-gf69ef04cfdd4 "


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