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#1 2023-09-17 23:49:45

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Distrobox with podman error

Been trying to use distrobox and I have been getting this error message. I tried searching on google but couldn't find any solution. Hopefully someone knows how to solve it.

distrobox enter ubuntu
Container ubuntu is not running.
Starting container ubuntu
run this command to follow along:

 podman logs -f ubuntu

Error: unable to start container "f98379d54e4a5499b581d7d7b9f388a0b406d6dd172b2ce9415fa11585dfa000": crun: make `/home/invra/.local/share/containers/storage/overlay/da2b5f27c38ee478fb2ef7d4c3d71b1d97093364ef947ecd5a4f82dc4ef86cc2/merged` private: Permission denied: OCI permission denied

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#2 2023-09-18 14:07:15

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Re: Distrobox with podman error

I think is related to this : … 6#p2012166, after latest updates of systemd I had to comment that line and reboot to use podman

sudo vim /usr/lib/systemd/system/user@.service

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