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#1 2023-10-15 18:31:55

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Why is nvidia_uvm absent in output of mkinitcpio -M?

I've recently encountered an issue with nvidia drivers, and while I got it somewhat fixed,  I've noticed that nvidia_uvm is not autodetected by mkinitcpio, yet it loads later.
I wonder why is this a case and why someone might want to make a module that is not autodetected by mkinitcpio in general. Also how does the kernel distinguish between these, which should be autodetected and not.   
Could someone please explain it to me?


#2 2023-10-15 18:41:16

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Re: Why is nvidia_uvm absent in output of mkinitcpio -M?

I guess it's not added by the KMS hook,  nvidia_uvm is simply not relevant for that, but … with_NVENC and it's required for eg. CUDA


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