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#1 2022-11-27 21:39:33

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"Trusted Users" are now "Package Maintainers"

Following a long discussion and a recent vote, the role of "Trusted User" has been renamed "Package Maintainer":

The role remains the same. The forum titles have been updated accordingly.

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#2 2022-11-28 02:58:14

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Re: "Trusted Users" are now "Package Maintainers"

Thanks Xyne.

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#3 2023-07-16 18:07:24

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Re: "Trusted Users" are now "Package Maintainers"

"We" might want to update the lower right hand box and the "Discussion" paragraph on the AUR front page, as well...

EDIT: The rabbit hole goes deeper into the wiki pages... (I don't have an account, sorry tongue) Has this whole "TUs are now PMs" been taken seriously, at all?

EDIT#2: In case I'm confusing "role" and "name", then please delete this post. As I understand the renaming was done to avoid some confusion created in the past - I, for one, am certainly more confused about the matter now (not that it matters). Anyway, not trying to rant. @dogknowsnx out.

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#4 2023-10-25 17:10:32

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Re: "Trusted Users" are now "Package Maintainers"

It took quite some time, but the rename has finally been applied everywhere: … PP2FAGLQA/

Trusted Users are gone, Package Maintainers are on!

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