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Re: [SOLVED]How to build

You are right to be angry, I read the wiki yesterday. I understand it much better now. Arch is a system based on a rolling, do-it-yourself mentality. It's about people who know how to read and learn and know what they are doing. And it's that kind of people that you're trying to keep this forum and the whole distro with, and that's the culture you're trying to carry. I like this a lot, I understand it better now, and that's why you follow the members and their threads and remember what they do. A community like a guild smile Good.

After I learn how to include /home in the installation, I will install it again by looking at the wiki. I hope it won't be a problem if I miss something or install it after the first installation. Other than monitor, video card, sound, usb device (wifi), I can't find anything else I need to install other than the general setup. There's also xorg and i3. By the way, greetings to California again.


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Re: [SOLVED]How to build

Not angry.  More frustrated at the amount of bad information out there.  I'm guilty of it too, following steps to do something to get something working; but I do make the effort of understanding what each command does, even if I could not have figured it out by myself.   It is important, I will go back to figure out how the process was created in the first place.

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