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#1 2023-11-20 12:42:06

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Pipewire and s/pdif problem

I'm trying to migrate from Pulseaudio to Pipewire.
My soundcard is "C-Media Electronics Inc CMI8738/CMI8768 PCI Audio"
I'm using toslink (s/pdif) out, profile is named: "Digital Stereo (IEC958) Output"

On Pulseaudio everything works fine. After changing to Pipewire and setting everything the same, I can see the sink gets the audio, but there is no sound.
What's very strange, after experimenting for a bit, I've discovered, that changing profile to "Digital Stereo Duplex (IEC958)" gives a sound, but it's mostly a white noise plus a very low human voice (I'm testing on a podcast). So all the virtual and physical "wires" are set fine - I can push a signal to my DAC - but the sound is broken, and I have no idea why.

I've moved back to Pulseaudio and everything works fine again, but maybe someone has an idea how to fix Pipewire so I could finally migrate?


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