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#1 2023-11-15 06:12:43

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Is there any Cloud-Free postman alternative?

I believe postman is overly complicated as an API client for API testing due to its cloud functionality, for example account/login features.
After searching for alternatives, I came across insomnia which also has cloud functionality.
Why is it so common for a simple tool program to integrate cloud functionality? To collect user information?

I am currently looking for an open source "GUI API client" tool that is comparable to postman in functionality, but simpler and completely free from any cloud-related features.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone has any suggestion.

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Re: Is there any Cloud-Free postman alternative?

It is common because these tools are used in professional environments where different persons need to share some collections of APIs. Moreover, some secrets might be desirable to be shared (API keys, for example) but not readable.
If you think it is overly complicated, you might want to try some CLI tool like curl or httpie (which I have always used as a simplified curl but now I see they have a new GUI)


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Re: Is there any Cloud-Free postman alternative?

Hello, I think Bruno could be what you are looking for, as it is an open source GUI API client and you can even import your postman collections.


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