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Automount of USB-drives (Stick, SD-Cards)

i have some systems working, and all ave the ability to automount a stick when i plug it in.

Just my Notebook does not have this ability.

I can see that the device is found via dmesg when pluggin in an sub-stick or an SD-card. I can see the device with lsusb.

But it is not moundted.

On my other systems there was no need to install special things to be able to automount drives. Just fuse-filesystem, ntfs, and, as i can remember, was all i needed to install.

I don't know what i am missing here. I use a Mate-system, the automount on my main-system (that works) uses CAJA to display the mounted drives. Volman for Thunar is installed.

It is also possible that the USB-hardware has problems, my internal WLAN of the notebooks only works from time to time, seems to be dependant on heat inside the notebook.

Do you have any hints what i can do to get USB-disks mounted the easy way?

Thanks a lot for your help.


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Re: Automount of USB-drives (Stick, SD-Cards)

General instructions here: … y#Mounting

No idea about Caja but for thunar the gvfs & udisks2 packages are needed, with a specific configuration option to automount devices. Thunar had to be running in daemon mode for the devices to be automounted without having to open the file manager.

A quick search suggests this might work for MATE:

gsettings set automount true


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Re: Automount of USB-drives (Stick, SD-Cards)

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