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linux-hardened 6.5.13 and gnome KFENCE memory corruption

The journalctl logs are something like:
BUG: KFENCE: memory corruption in kvfree_rcu_bulk+0x16f/0x1b0

Corrupted memory at --------- [ ! ! ! ! ] (in kfence-#171)

kernel BUG at mm/kfence/reporc.c:278!

I checked pacman.log and it seemed that yesterday i updated the kernel. Dowgraded the kernel to the 6.5.12 and the problems disappeared. Worth noting is that the crashes only happened while running GNOME and not in tty.
Im running a laptop with Ryzen 7 6700U and integrated graphics, if that matters.


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Re: linux-hardened 6.5.13 and gnome KFENCE memory corruption

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